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Using the latest talent identification strategies, Sociplex offers an easy to use database tool that allows you to easily communicate with an ever growing database of eager Youtubers with huge audiences who would love to showcase your products or services. Learn more: (727) 294-0349

Talk with an Agent today about how you can easily create relationships with high traffic Youtube channels who are eager to promote your product or service to their channel audience. Our minimum criteria for a channel to be included is generally 5,000 subscribers, and ALL channels owners have specifically requested to be contacted for business or promotional opportunities. Many channels will even promote your products for free. Call ‪(727) 294-0349‬ or fill out the form to take the next step.

Our ever growing database of Youtube talent consists of thousands of channels across all product categories. They maintain a minimum of 5,000 subscribers (on up to 1m or more) and are actively publishing content throughout the month. Now, you can negotiate directly with the content provider and create lifelong business relationships easily and effectively.

Our all-in-one Youtuber search system allows you to easily connect with channel owners using a built in set of cutting edge communication tools such as bulk email and HTML template import functionality.

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Our team consists of 20 data research experts who do nothing but curate high performing Youtube channels across all categories such as entertainment, technology, real estate, gardening, pets, and a whole lot more. Our research has found that channels with 5-50k subscribers are far more responsive to promotion requests. We target busy channels with high sub counts who love to promote great products and services. They trust Sociplex to deliver products to promote!

Fill out the short form to request a call from a representative. Be sure to have some basic information ready like your website address, product or service description, and your available budget for the project. Our Agents will guide you through the decision making process and define the best strategy for your influence needs. Alternatively you can call us at (727) 294-0349. We KNOW you will love this. In fact, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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