Let’s face it. Video marketing is perhaps the most impactful form of all online ads. It is the only medium where users can virtually “see and feel” a company’s product or service. In today’s digital landscape, it is more important than ever to have a network of video publishers interested in talking about your stuff. This is where Sociplex shines! With our database of Youtube content creators ready to promote your product or services, companies can now leverage their massive loyal fanbase into a massive stream of product sales. Learn more today! 🙂

We make it easy to search and connect with high traffic Youtube talent in your preferred industries. After signing up, you will be emailed a username and password within a few minutes along with a URL to access for your login. Simply login, start a search, create an email template, and off you go!

Are you a dog sitter and need to connect with pet channels? Are you an e-commerce person selling products online and need Youtube talent to review your stuff? Would you like to do these things without spending thousands and thousands of dollars each month? If so, the SociPlex app is for you.

The Sociplex solution delivers instant Youtube talent data at a price point that makes sense. Connect with thousands of high traffic Youtubers today with Sociplex!

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